February 21, 2017 @ 12:08 AM

At CustomReading.com, we now offer Reading Lens Upgrades that make your reading experience with your Custom Reading Glasses so clear and comfortable.

 Reading Lenses Upgrades 

  • Auto-Tint:  Transition lenses that are clear inside and change to dark when outside in the sun.  Auto-Tint Transition lenses also screen out 100% of UV rays. Since the lenses adjust to the amount of UV rays, they turn darker outside and lighter inside.  Since computers and some mobile device emit UV rays, they may provide a light tint to make reading more comfortable.
  • Anti-Glare:  Reflections on the surface of reading lenses cause distractions while reading and computer vision. This disabling reflections can also obscure your vision and  eye fatigue.  Also, when someone looks at your eyes, they may only see reflections of the surrounding light instead of your eyes.  Most broadcasters and actors and musicians wear anti-glare lenses. An Anti-reflective treatment is applied to all Anti-Glare Reading Lenses.
  • Light & Thin Lenses:  We offer Lightweight Lenses for Reading Glasses.  The featherweight Light & Thin Lenses for Custom Readers make the lenses much more comfortable to wear by reducing the weight and look great and the lenses are significantly thinner than standard reading glasses lenses.
  • Sunglasses Tint:  We can tint your Custom Readers so you have custom made tinted Sunglasses reading glasses. We can tint in Amber and Grey colored tint.  Tint reduces bright lights outside so reading on the patio or at the beach is comfortable.  It is nice to wear a clear pair of Customizable Readers and put on a pair of Custom Reading Glasses Sunglasses outside in the sun.
  • Sunglasses Clips:  We have Sunglasses Clips that are made specifically to match the color, size and shape of your Custom Readers.  Gone are the days of the goofy flip-up clips that don't fit, are made of poor quality lenses.   We make our Sunglasses Clips for each readers with durable materials that fit very snug and look great! 


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