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Custom Reading Glasses
Design Custom Reading Glasses & Order Online
Online Reading Glasses Strength Test Chart-Customizable different strengths lens powers for each eye

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Question:  Why do I need Custom Reading Glasses to provide the clearest reading vision? 
Answer:  Your brain combines what you see in each eye (clear or blurry) to form your reading vision. 
We use Prescription Quality Reading Lenses exclusively for high definition reading & computer vision without distortions. 
Determine lens power strengths for each eye that provides the clearest reading vision using our
Custom Reading Glasses Strength Test Chart* below.

Custom Reading Glasses Strength Test Chart*    *Designed by Eye Doctors      

  1.  Without reading glasses, position yourself 16 inches away from the computer screen, tablet or smartphone.

  2. Test each eye separately by covering the eye not being tested.

  3. Choose the reading glasses strength Lens Power next to the lowest (smallest) letters you can read easily for each eye. 




(1) Select your Reading Lens Upgrades & Frame Styles.

(2) Enter your Lens Power strengths for each eye. 

(3) Submit your Custom Reading Glasses Order!




  Reading Lens Upgrades

We use Prescription Quality Reading Lenses exclusively to provide the clearest reading vision.


Thin & Light Reading Lenses  Order Thin & Lite Reading lenses reduce weight and thinkness! Recommended when Reading Strength Lens Powers are greater than +1.00.  Thin & Light Reading Lenses provide featherweight comfort and natural & clear vision.  Featherweight Thin & Light Reading Lenses reduce lens thickness for lightweight comfort & a cosmetically appealing thin appearance.  Thin & Light Reading Lenses have lightweight High Index Lenses that make your eyes look their natural size by eliminating excess magnification of the eyes (coke bottle appearance) caused by thick heavy lenses.  Thin & Light Reading Lenses also provide 100% UV protection to protect from the harmful rays of the sun, computers, florescent lights & mobile devices.  Add to order when selecting Frame Styles


Anti-Glare Reading Lenses