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Custom Reading Glasses
*Order Custom Reading Glasses with customizable Lens Powers for each eye*
*Use our online Custom Reading Test Chart to determine your Lens Powers*



*Take the Custom Reading Glasses Strength Eye Test Chart below

*Choose the Reading Glasses Strength Lens Power you need for each eye



Custom Reading Glasses Lens Power Strength Test Chart           

  1. Without reading glasses, position yourself 16 inches away from the computer screen or smartphone.

  2. Test each eye separately by covering the eye not being tested.

  3. Choose the reading glasses strength Lens Power next to the lowest (smallest) letters you can read easily for each eye.






(1) Select your Reading Lens Upgrades & Frame Styles.

(2) Enter your Lens Power strengths for each eye. 
(3) Submit your Custom Reading Glasses Order!



Guarantee - CustomReading.com guarantees that the quality of the Custom Reading Glasses products will arrive in good condition & not damaged.  If customers receive a damaged or defective Custom Reading Glasses, we will replace them for the same or similar products within 30 days of delivery. 

Terms of Delivery - Typical delivery time for orders is up to +/- 14 business days (M-F, excluding holidays) for your Custom Reading Glasses to be individually manufactured & delivered. During times of high volume of orders & manufacturing, delivery time may be extended. 

Return & Remake Policy - Since CustomReading.com only manufactures NEW Custom Reading Glasses that are made uniquely for each customer, returns are only available if a customer receives a damaged or defective product.  We offer a 50% OFF Remake Policy if a customer wants to change Frame Style and/or Lens Powers within 30 days of delivery date (customer keeps original Custom Reading Glasses at no additional cost).  By ordering your Custom Reading Glasses you agree to the Guarantee & Terms of Delivery.

Recommended Use - Custom Reading Glasses do not replace the need for annual eye exams, refraction for distance or near prescriptions.  Custom Reading Glasses functionally improves near vision using non-prescription lenses and are not meant to be an exact prescription Rx correction. Custom Reading Glasses are only recommended for reading, computer use or any other near task within arm’s length and should never be used for driving or in hazardous areas.


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