December 12, 2015 @ 2:42 PM

Now make your reading glasses Sunglasses!  Add a Polarized Sunglasses Clip that is custom fitted to match your Custom Reading Glasses frame shape & color.  Using your new Polarized Sunglasses Clip-On, you can relax in the sun, read your books & see up close in the great sunny outdoors. Available in DARK GREY TINT and DARK AMBER TINT.



matches your Custom Reading Glasses!

Originial Price: $29.95    SALE PRICE: $12.89


Polarized Sunglasses Clip - Matches Frame Style


Our new Polarized Sun-Clips come in your choice of Dark Gray & Dark Amber tints.  Polarization are sun lenses that eliminate glare & refflections from the sun & keep your eyes relaxed & your near vision .........

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