October 4, 2016 @ 6:29 AM

Our Custom Reading Test Chart was designed by Eye Doctors using optical formulas to determine the reading strength lens power needed for each eye.
Our system is an excellent & affordable customized reading glasses with the best powers for each eye without prescription correction.
The difference with our Custom Reading Glasses than most generic non-prescription cheap reading glasses is that we provide the best powers needed for each eye and we also use prescription quality high grade optical lenses with ophthalmic frames.  We craft and manufacture each lens and do not use off the shelf low quality reading lenses.
The PD (pupillary distance) would be helpful with accuracy but not necessary because we only use spherical lenses that allow for an average PD range to be clear.

Our product is of good quality that is better than the typical discount reading glasses. We have a wide variety of reading glasses for men, reading glasses for women as well as tinted reading lenses, transitional reading lenses (automatic tint changing) as well a matching sunglasses clips. If you take the Reading Glasses Eye Test you will see if you need different powers reading lenses for each eye and our custom reading glasses do not have any distortions like cheaper priced reading glasses.