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Custom Reading Glasses
Design Customizable Reading Glasses & Order Online
Take our Custom Reading Glasses Strength Test & customize different Lens Powers for each eye

Get Custom Reading Glasses To See Your Clearest!Clear Vision with Custom Reading Glasses!Read Your Best With Custom Reading Glasses!Take our Custom Reading Glasses Lens Power Test!Determine The Lens Powers Your Need For Each Eye for Custom Readers!

Discounts - Save 15% OFF

entire order when you BUY 2 OR MORE PAIRS of

Custom Reading Glasses!


Question:  Why do I need Custom Reading Glasses to provide the clearest reading vision?

Answers: Since many people need different reading strengths in each eye, Custom Reading Glasses customizes your Reading Lens Power Strengths for the clearest vision for each eye.  Also, we only use Prescription Quality Reading Lenses & Frames for high definition reading & computer vision without distortions. 


 Use our Custom Reading Glasses Strength Test Chart* (below) to determine the Lens Power Strengths that gives you the clearest reading vision for each eye. 


Custom Reading Glasses Strength Test Chart*    *Designed by Eye Doctors      

Take the Custom Reading Glasses Lens Power Test!
  1.  Without reading glasses, position yourself 16 inches away from the computer screen, tablet or smartphone.

  2. Test each eye separately by covering the eye not being tested.

  3. Choose the reading glasses strength Lens Power next to the lowest (smallest) letters you can read easily for each eye. 



Custom Reading Glasses Lens Power Strength Test Chart.


(1) Select your Reading Lens Enhancements & Frame Styles.

(2) Enter your Lens Power strengths for each eye. 

(3) Submit your Custom Reading Glasses Order!




  Reading Lenses Enhancements

We use Prescription Quality Reading Lenses exclusively to provide the clearest reading vision.


Thin & Light Reading Lenses 

Order Thin & Lite Reading lenses reduce weight and thinkness! Recommended when Reading Strength Lens Powers are greater than +1.00.  Thin & Light Reading Lenses provide featherweight comfort and natural & clear vision.  Featherweight Thin & Light Reading Lenses reduce lens thickness for lightweight comfort & a cosmetically appealing thin appearance.  Thin & Light Reading Lenses have lightweight High Index Lenses that make your eyes look their natural size by eliminating excess magnification of the eyes (coke bottle appearance) caused by thick heavy lenses.  Thin & Light Reading Lenses also provide 100% UV protection to protect from the harmful rays of the sun, computers, florescent lights & mobile devices.  Add to order when selecting Frame Styles


Anti-Glare Reading Lenses     

Upgrade to invisible clear Anti-Glare Reading Lenses with anti-reflective coating that eliminates harmful glare & irritating reflections for clearer & more comfortable reading & computer vision.  Anti-Glare lenses makes distracting reflections disappear so others see your eyes only and not lens reflections increasing your cosmetic appeal.  Eliminating reflections & disability glare reduces eye fatigue which enables clear comfortable reading for extended periods of time.  Computer Glasses for reading always have Anti-Glare lenses anti-reflective to eliminate the reflections from light emitted from the computer & light sources around the room.   Add to order when selecting Frame Styles







Auto-Tint Reading Lenses

Upgrade to Auto-Tint Transitions Reading Lenses that transitions from clear reading lenses for indoor near vision reading & computer work, then transitions to a sunglasses tint when reading outdoors at coffee shop, your patio at the beach, etc.  Customers love the convenience of a single pair of Custom Reading Glasses customizable for outside & inside without having to take them on & off.  Ultraviolet Rays activate Auto-Tint Reading lenses to automatically increase darkness of tint.  UV Rays are emitted by the sun, computers, mobile devices & florescent light.  Add to order here!



Custom matching Sunglasses ClipsSunglasses Clip 

Enjoy the convenience of Custom Reading Glasses with clear lenses to read indoors and easily sliding on a matching attractive Polarized Sunglasses Clip to have Custom Reading Sunglasses outdoors!  Upgrade your Custom Reading Glasses to Reading Sunshades by adding a customizable Polarized Sunglasses Clip that is custom-made-to-order to match your Custom Reading Glasses frame style!  Polarized Sunglasses Clip lens tint eliminates glare by polarization filtering out ALL horizontal reflections with 100% Ultraviolet protection.  Polarized Sunglasses Clips available in Sunglasses Gray Tint &  Sunglasses Amber Tint.   Add to order here!


Get Custom Reading Glasses with Sunglasses Tint.

Reading Lenses - Sunglasses Tint  

Add Sunglasses Tint to your Custom Reading Glasses to turn your customizable readers into Custom Reading Sunglasses!   Custom Reading Sunglasses Tint allows reading with comfort & ease outdoors at the pool, beach & backyard.  Sunglasses Reading Tint provides maximum sunshade comfort when reading outside.  Customers love Custom Reading Sunglasses so they have the clearest reading vision without squinting when outside and in the sun.  Many customers a pair of Custom Reading Glasses with clear lenses for indoor near vision & another pair with Sunglasses Tint for outdoors reading.   Add  to order when selecting Frame Styles




All Custom Reading Glasses Include:

  • Customizable custom made-to-order prescription quality optical lenses & frames.  
  • FREE Reading Glasses Case to store and protect your Custom Reading Glasses.
  • FREE Ultraviolet Protection from sunlight UV rays & fluorescent UV light rays.
  • FREE Scratch-Resistant Lens Coating reduces damages from scratches
  • One Low Shipping Price for entire order - Save on multiple pairs of Custom Reading Glasses.


Discounts - Save 15% OFF

entire order when you BUY 2 OR MORE PAIRS of Custom Reading Glasses!



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Benefits of Custom Reading Glasses


  • Individually crafted Custom Reading Glasses with quality Rx Frames & Optical Rx Lens quality. 
  • Choosing reading glasses strength in Frames Styles Colors in Wayfarer, Aviator, Cat Eye, Oval, Round & Rectangle shapes. 
  • Choose Lens Options: Thin & Light featherweight Lenses, Anti-Glare lenses, Automatic Tint Changing Thin-Light lenses, Sunglass Tint & Polarized Reading Sunglasses Clip.            
  • Online Reading Glasses Eye Test Chart determines if different lens strength powers are needed for each eye to customize Computer Vision & Reading Glasses.
  • We use only prescription quality reading lenses but at much more affordable non-prescription discount cheaper prices!
  • Ultra Light & Thin Reading Lenses reduce weight & thickness & Spring Hinges, soft & flexible temples increase comfort. 
  • Anti Reflective Lens Coating eliminates glare & Tinted Lenses reduce excess light.
  • Frames Styles in wide array of colors in Plastic,Titanium, Metal, Stainless Steel & flexible materials
  • Frame Shapes includes Round, Oval, Rectangle, Cat Eye, Wayfarer, Aviator in Full Rim & Half Rim Frames.
  • Customize Reading Glasses used over Mono Vision contacts with different powers as needed.



How to determine reading glasses strength
  • What strength of reading glasses do i need?  Our reading glasses test online is a reading glasses eye chart and reading glasses strength test to answer how to select reading glasses strength starting at reading glasses .50 strength to answer what type of reading glasses do i need?
  • Ask if & when do i need reading glasses test with an eye chart for reading glasses for  to help find out how strong should my reading glasses are using a reading glasses diopter chart.    A  reading vision test chart is converted to a diopter test chart for reading so that you determine what strength reading glasses should i get & what power reading glasses are needed.
  • We make custom reading glasses as non prescription reading glasses crafted customized for reading glasses different power each eye with prescription quality custom made reading glasses frames & lenses. Our custom eyeglasses are affordable if you need custom reading glasses different strength each eye.

Guarantee - We guarantee the products will arrive in good condition or we will replace them for the same or similar products within 30 days of delivery. 

Terms of Delivery - Typical delivery time for orders is up to +/- 14 business days (M-F, excluding holidays) for your Custom Reading Glasses to be individually manufactured & delivered. During times of high volume of orders & manufacturing, delivery time may be extended. Once an order starts the manufacturing process it cannot be refundable, since the Custom Reading Glasses are unique for each customer.  By ordering your Custom Eyes Reading Glasses you agree to the Guarantee & Terms of Delivery.

Custom Reading Glasses do not replace the need for annual eye exams, refraction for distance or near prescriptions.  Custom Eyes Reading Glasses functionally improves near vision using non-prescription lenses and are not meant to be an exact prescription Rx correction. Custom Reading Glasses are only recommended for reading, computer use or any other near task within arms length and should never be used for driving or in hazardous areas. & Custom Reading Glasses Strength Test are trademarked TM and any duplication of content or website contents is strictly prohibited.

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